The homeowners of this newly constructed Lincoln Park house engaged our firm to resolve a series of very serious and pervasive water penetration issues.  Substandard or missing construction detailing resulted in leaky roofs, windows, doors, and walls.  Air infiltration through poorly detailed walls resulted in soaring utility costs.  A lack of both vapor barriers and ventilation resulted in massive mold growth in the ceiling cavity of the top floor.  Roofs have been replaced, flashing has been installed for the first time, crumbling parapets have been reconstructed, and insulation was either been replaced or supplemented.

In addition to addressing functional deficiencies, the project included major revisions to the appearance of the structure.  New FSC certified Ipe wood cladding finished in a richly colored, low VOC oil has been installed as part of a dual-layer rain screen (aka ventilated façade) application.  Stucco with a limestone aggregate and frosted glass balcony panels complement the wood cladding. 

Current work addresses the landscaping of the property.  The backyard was designed with the clients’ pair of Bernese Mountain Dogs in mind.  Oversized custom cast concrete pavers arrayed in a semi-random pattern provide for a durable, stain resistant surface.  Linear LED lighting set flush to the paving offers soft ambient lighting while remaining tamper resistant.  Paw friendly gravel is set atop a reinforced substrate.  For the sake of protection from the dogs as well as for greater visibility from the raised main level of the house, trees are elevated in a series of over-scaled planters.