4885 hermitage

Located in Lincoln Square and currently under construction, the Hermitage Residence is a project designed out of comfort and necessity. The exterior building forms of this 4,500 square foot home developed as familiar and simplistic but the interior holds a unique residential program.  The property contains two residences, a main two-story house and a private guest suite connected by a generously sized interior corridor and exterior courtyard. Conceptually, the design and layout of the house are driven by Universal Design with special consideration for aging in place and multi-generational living, as well as the desire to bring a modern aesthetic to accessible design.  The zero-step entries into the home and guest suite reveals open floor plans containing the living, dining, and kitchen spaces looking onto the courtyard while bathrooms throughout are ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant.  The stairs are negotiated by a residential elevator at the front house and accessory wheelchair lift at the level change to the guest suite. The subtle details and consideration for accessibility allow the owners to limit their restrictions and live a seamless lifestyle with their family.