This new structure was intended to serve the administrative arm of the Jesuit order in Chicago and present a bold new civic presence. The building’s façade was to reflect its multiple uses. Punched windows in locally mined Mankato stone wall marked the zone of private offices. An expanse of clear curtain wall was to reveal the social areas, and chapel to passersby. A bar of patinated zinc designated 14 guest suites. A green roof and deck for entertaining were to top the structure.


Sustainability was a guiding principal of the building’s design. The green roof and site detailing were designed to minimize stormwater runoff. A high efficiency mechanical system was to minimize energy usage while providing a high degree of zoned control and fresh air intake. Facilities for biking commuters were to be included as well as a recycling center. LEED Gold status was a confirmed objective.


Located within the Lakefront Protection Review District, the project was presented to the Chicago Plan Commission and received unanimous support; it also was championed by the ward alderman. The project progressed into the construction documents phase of design. Ultimately, the order opted to decamp Lincoln Park altogether and folded the program that was to be included in this project into their substantially larger campus on the city’s southside.