Lake Forest Residence

The house was designed around family functions but now that the children have moved away, the couple find that their needs have evolved and the house no longer functions as well as it once did. The renovations and additions focus on maximizing long-term accessibility. While reflective of many European country houses, the existing house design does not clearly fit within one clear-cut architectural style.  It reflects a melding of design elements that together create a truly American style of architecture.  Its simple massing, clean lines, and Doric columns are neoclassical in origin; their pared down detailing instill a modern sensibility.  The horizontal orientation of the house and its relationship to the landscape evokes Palladian principles.  The material palette and roof forms have clear precedent in Tuscan renaissance architecture.  All of the nearby houses are of similar vintage to the residence and feature varied architectural styles.  Given the uniform age of the nearby structures, the variation in styles provides a welcome diversity. Their passion for gardening will be accommodated by an expanded work area within the house, and the small standalone conservatory.