Offering sweeping views of Lake Michigan from the penthouse event space, New York Private Residences recently opened the fully renovated 48th floor of the world’s tallest masonry building to their residents.  Bold shades of blue inspired by the lake wrap the walls, mural wall, carpet and furniture, providing a vibrant backdrop to various events hosted in the room.  Angles of the space are generated by NYPR’s iconic offset-diamond footprint, captured by a monolithic angular bar, geometric ceiling coves, rotated pendants, and offset color zones in the carpet.  The elevator lobby and bathrooms continue the theme of the event space with tones of blue and angular tile backsplashes.  Furnishings offer comfortable settings for the residents during work hours, and can be reconfigured for board meetings, sports events, and large parties.  NYPR is currently working with Searl Lamaster Howe on the second phase of renovation in their third floor party room.